Friday, April 21, 2006

MOMA Store

I was on a date with myself, enjoying the day by taking a romantic stroll with myself and watching the various sights before me.

I decided to take a look around the MOMA store. (Museum of Modern Art) It's a big store located in Downtown, manhattan in the district of SOHO.

I came across the head of a GIANT orange mop sitting on the display counter. The description tag described it as a cotton pillow so soft and comfortable, priced at $385. I put my hand on it. Rough Pillow! I thought. Then I touched it again giving it a slight punch. Still Rough. Nothing comfy about this pillow.

The sales girl let out a giggle. She appeared to be amused at my reactions. I had no idea I was being watched.

She then points to a locked glass case with jewelry. It looked like a long string attached to several black buttons but was classified as a necklace and bracelet.

She said, “This is $175. You know what my cat would do if I bring something like this home - She would attack me, and rip it off”

I laughed. How true… This necklace was exactly what I would use to play with my cat.

I suggested that it might be fun to make something similar to the necklace with strings and buttons to use as a cat toy. She was excited by that idea and laughed as I gestured with my hand how to play with the cat.

I eventually left the store bidding her a very good evening. She seemed disappointed I was leaving. Maybe she hoped that I can stay and amuse her some more by talking about the items in the store.

I’m glad I brightened somebody’s day…


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