Friday, April 21, 2006

Home Is Where the Hart Is

Home is Where The Hart is (1987)
Director Rex Bromfield

I was browsing a book that boasted a huge database of movies including plot summaries and actors.
I decided to look up some of my favorite movies to see what the movie reviewer said about.

One movie that I looked up is called “Home is Where the Hart is”.
In the book, the movie reviewer reviewed it to be ”very bizarre”, “avoid it at all costs, “very very bad farce.’
Note: He repeated the word “very” twice. Did he think he was witty for doing that? He fails to realize he is just a shitty. And since when, is being bizarre so bad?

Thus if a shitty can give a movie review, then a witty such as me can express my opinion on this wonderful movie.

2 elderly gentleman, investigate their father’s suspicious death. During their investigation, they encounter a very aggressive nurse who desperately tries anything to inherit their father’s billions. Other characters that they encounter are a Sheriff (played by Leslie Nielson) who can’t get over that a nun robbed the 2 elderly gentleman’s car.

This movie had great comedic dialog. That’s something that is very hard to find in today’s comedic movies.
The dialog was long and winded and had so many subtle not so obvious jokes in it. As a result, the comedy flowed very smoothly and often times spontaneously.
This is a slow-paced movie and requires the audience member to pay attention to detail. I found myself laughing during many parts of the movies, just because I was able to pick out various funny things in the movie.

Most of the generic comedy movies that come by the dozen today, marketed primarily as blockbuster movies have too many punch line jokes, where the comedy is forced and too fast-moving followed by loud unnecessary sound-effects. If they are not doing that, then it’s some “parody” where none of the characters are acting as a character. They act their roles in a mocking and artificial way.

The comedy movies that comes to mind that are an example of what I am talking about is Mike Myers in Austin Powers, Starsky and hutch, (I can think of a million others, but my fingers will hurt if I type them all out)
There is no story, no plot, just people trying to “parody” and it ends up resembling those latest horrible sketches on Saturday Night Live.

Home is where the Hart is, does not do that. It enticed me by piquing my curiosity and I eagerly watched this story slowly unravel.


Leslie Neilson acted very well. He is well known for his role in the Naked Gun movies. But Leslie Neilson was around much longer than that. He is actually an old time actor and has been acting since the 1950’s.

I think that is why his acting abilities are so good, because in the olden times, they actually hired good actors who spoke well and were dramatic unlike the new actors today who have blank expressions and whining voices.

He played the role of a sheriff whose duty was to analyze the evidence, study the facts, and solve the murder case. He did all this in a very subtle funny way, and not in an exaggerated artificial way. He acted as his character!

Another character that I was impressed with was the aggressive lady who was plotting to get the old man’s inheritance. The name of the actress is Valri Bromfield from Canada. She actually performed on the first episode of Saturday Night Live. But that was in the day when guys like Dan Akroyd, James Belushi were part of the crew.

Not only, have I hardly ever come across any female actresses who have played the role of a tough girl successfully, but to find a female character that is well developed and interesting is a rarity. Not only that, but there were no nude scenes nor vulgar jokes!! This only added to the richness of the movie and made it even more appealing to me.

Valri Bromfield I apologize for this unflattering picture of Valri Bromfield. But I could not find any pictures of her, except this screen shot of her performance in the movie Needful Things. But its still a nice picture, full of emotion and makes her an even more interesting actor to watch.

I don’t know if this lady acts in bad movies now. But she played that role really well, and should get some sort of reward for it. She also starred as the detective in Who framed Harry Crumb. And also was the one who supposedly introduced Dan Aykroyd to John Candy (another favorite comedic actor of mine).

One of my favorite scenes was when she harassed the 2 old men, who tried to confront her about their father’s murder. She grabbed them by their ties, and sent them spinning. It was very funny.

So in conclusion, I would summarize this movie as an interesting adventure, featuring an assortment of well-developed characters, a wonderful plot which all adds up to one VERY VERY funny movie to watch!!!!!

So maybe one day, when my sketch movie gets featured in some book or newspaper, where the reviewer hates it, because he can’t see beyond the sketchiness of it, nor enjoy watching the characters, perhaps some person out there might write a positive review of my sketch film in their blogger….


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