Tuesday, October 16, 2007

John Landis @ The Pioneer Theater in New York City

John Landis stopped by the Pioneer Theater to introduce one of his older movies, An American Werewolf in London. He is a very lively enthusiastic and entertaining speaker.

John Landis reminisced about his days in London where you can go to a movie theater and see old roadrunner cartoons in perfect print. Unfortunately luxuries like that do not exist anymore, but it was nice to hear somebody else especially a movie director who can value the beauty and humor in old cartoons and enjoy the experience of seeing it on the big screen.

John Landis and Ray Privett at Pioneer Theater in NYC
John Landis and Ray Privett.

Ray Privett is the creative programming director of the Pioneer Theater.
The Pioneer Theater is a small quaint theater located on the lower east side of Manhattan. They show a variety of films that range from underground cult classics to independent films.

My one-lady sketch film A Most Particularly Peculiar Bank Heist was screened in November 2005.

The Pioneer (aka The Two Boots Pioneer) is one of the few movie theaters that actually has a genuine interest in art and film as opposed to many other organizations that are only interested in making profit or following some sort of trend. The greed for money is what kills art...

John Landis w Ray Privett and Maniac Cop 3 Guy
The Heads of John Landis, Ray Privett and William Lustig (director of Maniac Cop).

This picture of The Heads was my favorite. The seriousness of their expressions look quite interesting. After the flash went off, there was this strange silence. But I was chuckling in my head how strange all these heads sitting together looked like.

I regret not taking more pictures of movie director, William Lustig of Maniac Cop.
I didn't know it was him because I heard that he was driving John Landis and his wife around town. But anyway, I always enjoyed the Maniac Cop movies. The crazy and interesting characters of the bad guys was something that I always liked watching. He also directed Uncle Sam, another good movie. I wish I had shook his hand atleast..
But good thing I snapped that picture of Mr.Lustig's head. It was his head that actually gave me the idea to take a picture of everybody's heads. William Lustig is actually quite friendly and jolly looking. His head also has an interesting shape...

John Landis w Ms Divine, Performance Artist of Tee Hee Heure - one lady sketch comedy films
John Landis and Ms Divine

One of my favorite movies is 3 amigos directed by John Landis. I was just a little girl when I saw it, but I remember it so vividly.
Other movies that I enjoyed that were directed by John Landis were The Blues Brothers, Trading Places and Coming to America.

Movies by John Landis that I am looking forward to watch are Schlock (1973), The Kentucky Fried Movie (1977), and The Stupids (1996).

John Landis just finished a documentary film Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project – a documentary about the comedian Don Rickles.

Of course if you are interested in finding more about me and my one-lady sketch comedy films, visit my main website www.msdivine.net and watch some of my little sketches and films online.

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Anonymous Justin said...

'Kentucky Fried Movie' is awesome! A comedy classic!

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Landis is one of my favorite directors, i love Animal House and the Blues Brothers but i love American Werewolf In London as well.

That transformation scene is timeless.

12:39 AM  

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