Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Too Obscene for Youtube - The Real Me

The Real Me - Oh Please Feature me On Youtube

This video was flagged as inappropriate and obscene by youtube. This means that this video will be less accessible to users who are not logged into their system.
There is nothing "obscene" in this video.

The Real Me speaks its mind but this is too controversial for You tube

Freedom of Speech? Ha!

It's now hosted at Dailymotion, let's see how long that lasts..

The Real Me raw and Exposed begs to be featured on You tube.
It is important that the Real Me's peers accepts The Real Me.
The Real Me, discusses the Youtube conventions, and the Youtube honors and awards. Acceptance by the majority is of high value these days. For if only a handful accepts the Real Me, then that is doom!
It is important to fit in and be an obediant member of society. Being disharmonious in society is a very naughty thing to do.

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