Sunday, April 23, 2006

North Carolina Pig Killings (Bloody Murder)

Before going to bed, I like to watch something funny on TV or read something nice – just so that I can have deep restful beauty sleep with sweet dreams.

However after flipping around, I came across a show called Under Cover TV on Queens Cable Access. They were filming the abuse of farm animals, more specifically the pigs in North Carolina.

It was a big pig farm, with pigs in cramped conditions, and many suffering from diseases. Seeing the agony of these pigs was very sad.
Then they later showed 2 Red Neck guys (Southern dum-looking dudes)in flannel shirts, dragged a pig out, and bludgeoning it to death.

I flipped away, because it was just too much for me. But still felt that I needed to watch it. I normally have no problem watching horror movies, and have even watched the 70’s gore movie “Blood Sucking Freaks” with no problem.

But this was too much for me, because it was REAL and to just put myself in the piggy’s shoes was just so unbearable. I continued to watch it.
One of the redneck guys, started hacking at the pigs neck with this metal pipe thing, while the other guy held the pigs legs with a steel wire mesh contraption.
The pig let out these chilling blood-curdling screams of fright, anger and pain. It put up a good fight, because I believe a 3rd guy had to join in. They then dragged the pig out and started hacking it even more, while the blood just oozed out.

Then finally the pig stopped fighting but was still alive. The rednecks started kicking and stomping on it. Then they proceeded to skin it alive. As they slowly started to peel the skin off its back, I saw the pig shake its head. The pig was still conscious but at this time completely drained of energy that it could no longer put up a fight except to meagerly move its head in agony. Poor poor thing…

The disturbing thing about this was that the rednecks took great pleasure in exercising such cruelty to this poor pig. You can see these guys glowing with glee and pride as they placed each violent bloody blow upon this pig.

They obviously felt a remarkable sense of power and authority to be causing so much PROLONGED pain and suffering to this animal.
Obviously some sort of terrible imprinting must have occurred to these rednecks probably from childhood to behave in this manner. But these Red Necks struck me as cowards, they enjoyed killing but wouldn’t dare kill a human, thus a defenseless pig becomes their target.
I suddenly realized that this disturbing behavior exhibited by these rednecks was actually quite similar to Tobe Hooper’s ChainSaw Massacre (The First one).

Anyway it turns out that this pig abuse occurred in the year 1999 and those guys were supposedly convicted.
But who knows what goes on today even in regulated government farms. I am sure the abuse just keeps coming and one would never know.

I have decided to quote from the book Homeopathic Care for Small Animals, written by the Veterinarian Don Hamilton, where the author describes his feelings towards animals. I only wish that more people could feel this way.

I ask that you begin to cultivate an “I-thou” relationship with your companion animals, with wilderness, with strangers. We simply cannot guess their value to us, a value that in some ways parallels their independence from us. Domestication has benefited humans and non-humans greatly and will always do so. But we must see thus creatures who live in our midst not as a replacement for their wild cousins, but as a connection to the wild. Let us never forget our roots- not just the long-ago ancestors we call prehistoric humans, but the wilderness from whence we arose. If we ever cut ourselves apart from wilderness, we will no longer be human….
Don Hamilton
Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs


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