Friday, April 28, 2006

Antasasia Introduces Herself

"I am Anastasia"

I am Anastasia - Anastasia introduces her self Click here to play Video Diary

Dear Diary,
Today shall be my first entry to you - my darling beloved diary. I thought it best to introduce myself after all, I do not want to come off as a cold stranger to you. My name is Anastasia and I am from Southern Siberia.
Did you not know that Southern Siberia existed? How could you not know? What use are you to me?
If you must know Southern Siberia, is the hottest part of the coldest part of hell. You pathetic foolish diary! Southern Siberia is a cold hell!!!

Oh my beloved diary, I did not mean to spit on you like that. I am so sorry for ruining your beautiful pages. It's just that it really bothers me when people cannot understand where it is that I am from.

My world is not normal, too abnormal for the normal person to understand.....
Oh but don't feel left out my darling diary, I shall tell you everything. You are my one true friend - ever so patient and oh so generous in giving me the honor of writing on your beautiful pages. And write on I will! I shall tell you everything - all my deepest and darkest secrets shall be your knowledge, my dear diary...


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