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Anastasia Grows - On My Way to Being GOD!

Anastasia Grows - On my way to being GOD!

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Dear Diary,
I have deduced a most sensible mathematical equation from my observations. The equation is as follows :- A = B
Just because A precedes B does not mean the 2 letters are NOT equal. They are EXACTLY ALIKE.
Let me start from the beginning so you can understand my logic. I normally don’t mingle with humans but today was an exception. I was tired from roaming and decided to sit down in a cafeteria. The cafeteria was divided into 2 distant groups of humans. The first group was labeled Group A and they all sat to the left. The second group was called Group B and they were seated to the right.

Group A and Group B were enemies. Both felt they were uniquely different – that’s probably why they were on separate ends of the room. I went to rest on an empty chair that was at the side of Group A. I was not very interested in the conversation of the humans in Group A and found staring at my hands to be much more exciting.

I noticed that a good chunk of my skin was beginning to shed. You see, I never really was human… I would wear this human skin when exposing myself in public. I knew if I exposed who I really was, the outrage of the humans would be too much to bear, especially since at times, I get low on energy and am unable to defend myself.

But today I was feeling extra rebellious and was finding these humans to be quite the irritating pests that they always are.
So I happily peeled off a piece of this human skin and let it fall to the floor. Immediately the humans in Group A, started to scream in hatred –
“You are not one of use, go away!”

“Well where should I go?” – I asked

“Go over to Group B and sit with them” – They replied

Hmm… Human logic is full of blunders. Group A does not like Group B. Since I Anastasia was not liked by Group A, the humans assumed I belonged to Group B. What they fail to understand is that I Anastasia walk alone.
Anyway feeling in a mischievous mood, I went over and sat with Group B. This time I started to stare at my legs, for Group B’s conversation was just as boring as Group A.
Again the human skin was peeling off very easily from my leg. This time I completely removed it and held it up to the light…. Human skin is so frail, so weak…
At this point the humans in Group B were appalled.
“What are you?” - They screamed in disgust.

Vomir! Vomir! – screamed another human in Group B

Vomir? What could that mean? This human was speaking in French. It was saying that the sight of me makes her vomit!!
Hahahhaha… Why.. I Anastasia was hated internationally as well.
At this point both Group A and B gathered around me.

“Who are you ?”– They screamed.

“I am not like you.” – I answered.

“What do you want?” – They shouted in unison

“I do no want what you want.” – I answered

My answers puzzled them even more and their perplexity turned into anger. I had incited a war in a tiny cafeteria. As I looked down at these humans, I noticed that they were shrinking.
Suddenly my head hit the ceiling. Then it dawned on me. It wasn’t the humans that were shrinking but it was I Anastasia who was growing..

Group A and Group B were not mingling with each other. There HATRED of ME is what made them BOND!! How typical, they were never that different to begin with.

“What have you become” – They shouted as they stared at my huge presence.

“ Hahahahahahaha... I am on my way to being GOD!!” – I replied

The humans were repulsed at what I said but at the same time cringed with fear as my mere presence loomed over them.

“My existence is GREATER that all of your groups combined!”– I shouted

Being that I was on my way to being GOD, I felt strong bolds of lightening surge thru me. Ahhhhhh, my powers were in full effect. Like the Greek God Zeus I struck both Group A and Group B with lightening bolds.
Watching human squirm and run around frantically just before they die is a most glorious sight to see. Now I understand why Gods have so much fun..

As a GOD, I am not interested in having humans worship me. Humans are like roaches and no one cares what roaches worship.
But as a god, I have the gift of knowledge and that is a gift few have. Anyway my darling diary that was my ordeal today. And as far as that mathematical equation goes, I can safely conclude that GROUP A is equal to GROUP B


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