Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy April Fools Day Everybody

April Fools Day is a fun day of pranks.
I pulled a little one about ending my show. I honestly didn't think anybody would notice. But I got a handful of people who were quite perturbed to even think that the show would end. Thank you all for your support.

It's tough doing a show, and trying to pay bills at the same time, as all of this can be very time and energy consuming. And by bills, I mean mainly rent and utility bills. But anyway, who knows what the future holds...

But whatever it is, the show will NEVER stop. So remember everybody, your support means a lot to me, even if you can't donate just making the effort to watch it means a lot.

As you all know, DVD's are only $5, its enough to cover shipping but certainly not enough to make a large profit. The DVD's are at this low price because I am hoping that most viewers get a chance to watch it on their Television. It flows better on TV. I put a lot of details, work and effort into my show and sketch films. All I ask is that the viewer watch it attentively, instead of watching it on the internet as a way of passing time.

Television programs are meant to be enjoyed. There is nothing like sitting on a comfy couch and watching a fun show on a decent sized Television Set..

Anyway, folks ...even when I'm a little old lady, I hope you all continue to watch my program and films.


Blogger Grogogoll said...

That would be so nice.

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