Sunday, November 25, 2007

Anastasia Roams - They Long to Belong

Anastasia Roams - They Long to Belong

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Dear Diary,
Today was just regular day in my life as I roamed the wilderness. The wilderness is not as frightening as it sounds. It’s a place of tranquility far away from human civilization.
While taking a stroll I heard a whimpering cry. It was a most familiar sound, but yet I couldn’t quite place my finger on it.
The sound got louder and louder, like an agonizing scream.
Ahhh--- that sound was from a human. It’s been so long since I’ve heard a human that I almost forgot what it sounds like. I peered behind the bushes and saw the human curled up in agony and writhing in pain.
Perhaps the human had fallen in a thorny bush. Thorns can be very painful. In Siberia, I was able to tolerate the thorns in my skin. But I am not the average human and I was convinced this human must be suffering because it was crying so loud.

“Hello human, what is the matter with you?” – I asked.

The human briefly looked up at me and then started to twist and turn in even more agony. I looked closer at the skin of this human. How odd? There were no wounds of the flesh. I concluded that no thorns had punctured the human. Then I noticed a branch of berries hanging above it.
Perhaps the human had eaten some sort of poisonous berry and was suffering from a tummy ache. I plucked a few berries and bit into it. Phhtttt… These were not the poisonous kind!!

The human then got up and and started to walk in circles. Then it dawned on me. This human was new here. It must have left the civilization and now that it is in the wilderness, it is unsure if it would still be persecuted.

“This is the wilderness darling. Nobody is going to persecute you. You are free to be who you are here” – I said.

Upon hearing my words, the human started to tremble with fear. Then it frantically pointed in the direction of the human civilization. I was stunned.

“You want to go back?” I asked.

The human eagerly nodded. How could I have assumed that a human can appreciate the freedom that exists in the great wilderness. After all it is only, I Anastasia that could enjoy the beauty here.

“Go straight and you will see the gates of the civilization.”
I instructed it.

The human was motionless.

“Go! You long to belong don’t you? So go!” I screamed.

The human refused to thread thru the wilderness. It desperately needed someone to lead the way. Without a leader, it was confused. The human then started its cries of agony again. The cries were irritating and it wasn’t just me that was annoyed. The birds and other smaller animals were disturbed by this whining human.

I had no choice but to lead the way for I did not want this human’s cries to mar the peacefulness of this beautiful wilderness.

The human walked behind me like an obedient sheep. After walking a few hours, we finally approached the huge gates of the civilization.
This human must have accidentally wandered out of these gates. At this point the human was overjoyed at the sight of seeing its civilization.
Then it pushed me violently and ran desperately towards the gates.

“Yes, keep running you filthy human.“

Humans can be such selfish beings. An alarm went off. This human had alerted its leader that an intruder was near their gates. That intruder was I, Anastasia. Shots were being fired. I headed back to the wilderness. The humans did not follow me for they were too afraid of the wilderness and felt safe behind the gates.

I couldn’t recognize the human I had initially helped, for all the humans looked alike….like walking robots.
They stared at me behind the huge gates. The gates were mounted with shiny barbed wire and this surrounded the entire human civilization.

Why some choose to be imprisoned is something I can never understand. But just as I am questioning these humans they too must be baffled as to why I, Anastasia have chosen to live free.


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