Thursday, April 03, 2008

Vacancy - Frank Whaley and Luke Wilson


The owner of a motel scares and eventually murders his guests. All this is captured as part of a snuff movie. It’s a minimalist film with a simple plot. The girl character in the few minutes of the film was not that interesting. Sometimes its nice when all the characters are tight from start to finish. But once they reached the motel, everything flowed quite well under the direction of Nimrod Antal.. Ha ha, his name is Nimrod. Actually he is Hungarian, so perhaps Nimrod means something else in Hungary.

Nimrod Antal Hungarian Director Vacancy and Control Frank Whaley Actor Vacancy and Cold Doug Soup
Nimrod Antal ------------------------ Frank Whaley

The innkeeper is an eccentric evil man played by the actor Frank Whaley. Some might remember Frank Whaley as a young boy in the movie, Cold Dog Soup - another good movie with Randy Quaid. Randy Quaid is yet another under-rated actor, who is more known to be the brother of Dennis Quaid.

Anyway in Vacancy, Frank Whaley is unrecognizable with an odd moustache and sinister glasses. Whaley’s excellent performance as a quiet and vile killer is what made the movie worth watching.

Luke Wilson, whom I first saw in the movie Idiocracy was also acting.
In acting a character, the actor has to bring out what he has inside to play the character. There are many actors who try to play characters, but because they don’t have much of a character to begin with, their pissy-ness and whiney-ness is very vivid on screen, if its not that, then their arrogance is painted all over.

Luke Wilson Texas Billionaire Vacancy
Luke Wilson

Strangely enough, Luke Wilson is NOT like that. He plays his characters quite well. I can thus conclude that contrary to popular belief, being the son of a Texas billionaire does not necessarily make you an arrogant whiny ass…

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