Monday, May 15, 2006

Anastasia Misses Her Pet

"The Hands"

 Anastasia Misses Her Pet – The Hands

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Dear Diary,
I have some terrible news to bring you. You see, my darling beloved diary, as I peered out of the blinds this morning, I saw a strange set of black hands beneath my window tying up the garbage bags. The familiar hands that I was so used to seeing all these years were not there. These strange new hands are different.
The hand itself is much smaller and attached to it are these small chubby fingers. It is so clumsy you will not believe it.

Something has gone wrong!
The familiar hands that I am so used to seeing were much bigger with longer thinner fingers attached to it. Oh........ but don’t get me wrong dear diary, I am open to change and new things in my life. But these new strange hands are just doing everything WRONG!
It’s trying the garbage bags all wrong. It’s not putting enough garbage into the garbage bags and as a result, the garbage bags have too many air pockets.

But those familiar hands that I had grown quite fond of always did this task oh so precisely. Those familiar hands would vigorously shove twice the amount of garbage into the garbage bag and as a result there were no air pockets. It would then tie tight knots at the end of the garbage bag, resulting in a horizontal oval shape. The familiar hands would then violently throw the perfectly identical stuffed garbage bags unto a rusty cart. But no matter how violently these hands behaved, it always had excellent aim!

At the end of the day, I would see neat stacks of garbage bags, perfectly and oh so precisely aligned, stacked one on top of each other. Never in my life have I seen such a glorious and beautiful sight such as this before. What a magnificent piece of art!!

However, no magnificent piece of art no matter how elegant it is is not complete until it has the artist’s signature on it. It is then that I see a giant glob of spit rise high up into the air and land in the middle of the stacked garbage bags. It is then that I know that this exquisite piece of art is finally completed.

The sun’s rays would shine on the glob of spit radiating a lovely warm beam. I suspect that the glob of spit belonged to the mouth of these familiar hands. Oh but these familiar hands are no more. They have ceased to exist.

This set of new hands is so disturbing! The garbage bags look like garbage bags on the rusty cart. It doesn’t look like the beautiful piece of art that I am so used to seeing. And to top it off, there is no glob of beautiful spit.

What a set of pathetic hands these new hands are!!! Gently placing the garbage bags on the cart as if it’s a new born baby.
I hate this new set of hands that I see beneath my window. I’ve got to figure out a way to get rid of this set of new hands, so that maybe the familiar hands can come back.

Perhaps an axe with a sharp blade might be the solution. This axe can slice these strange new hands off. If there are no more new hands, then there will be no more badly tied garbage. Then perhaps those familiar hands would have to come back. Things will be normal again. I can watch the beautiful piece of artwork get created before me.
And most of all, I can live happily ever after.

- Anastasia.

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