Monday, June 12, 2006

Anastasia Observes The Observer

"The Observer"

 Anastasia Observes The Observer – The Observer

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Dear Diary,
I have some rather strange new observations to report to you, my darling beloved diary. I have observed a pair of eyes watching me. At first I didn’t pay any attention to it. I assumed that it was just one of those random pair of eyes that come and go. But then I noticed the pair of eyes began to observe me in a more consistent manner.

Now mind you, I have never seen the actual pair of eyes that observe me. But I can feel the penetrating glaze of these eyes coming from the keyhole and landing on my back! Why do these pair of eyes spy on me? Why can’t it reveal itself to me? Does this pair of eyes pride itself on being a casual observer? Does it feel great power to watch my antics, my behavior and then draw its little conclusions about me?
How dare does this pair of eyes dare think that it can know everything about me?

Ha! This pair of eyes that observe me does not realize that I am actively observing it as well. I gather lots of secret information about its habits….

Being observed isn’t as bad as it seems. Some days I feel sort of special, that this pair of eyes makes it a point to observe. But then some days, I am in brutal conflict.

What if this pair of eyes that watches me is not the same pair of eyes that I want to watch me. What if this pair of eyes is something different, something ugly, something that I do not want at all?

Uggh … I shudder at that thought. These thoughts keep me up all night. I am loosing beauty sleep over this. The best way to put an end to this problem once and for all is to examine the eye up close. And this can only be done by plucking the eye out.

I suppose plucking out one’s eye can seem a bit harsh. But you see my darling diary the pair of eyes that observe me is very cruel because it leaves me in a state of HORRIBLE ANXIETY not knowing who these eyes are!!!
Examining that one plucked eye is the only way my heart can rest in peace. I think I can tell by the size of the eyeball and the color of it, whose eye it is.

My shiny silver scissors will come in very handy. Next time, I feel that the eyes are performing its routine observations on me, I shall PUSH my scissors into the keyhole at a 45 degree angle. In this way I can successfully remove the eye from the socket.

Examining this eye under bright light will tell me if this eye is the eye that I want watching me or whether it is just some random eye, whom I wouldn’t give 2 hoots about.

Oh dear Diary!! I know what you are thinking if this pair of eyes is the eyes that I want observing me, then how can it continue its observations if I have plucked out one eye. Oh you silly silly diary......
You see dear diary, you have answered your own question.

It is only one eye that I plan to pluck out. It can observe me perfectly well with the other eye, which I shall leave intact. So now let me go and begin the preparations of catching the eye of the observer that observes me......

- Anastasia.

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Blogger richard said...

ms. divine i just stumbled apon you skits on tv which lead me to your blog. i must say that you are very intresting and also very beautiful.

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