Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Front 242 on Public TV

3 people at a Nitzer EBB show at Irving Plaza (Sept 17, 2006), NY recognized me from the Front 242 interview that I did for my sketch comedy show Ms. Divine's Tee Hee Heure that aired on Queens Public TV.

One person said that he was flipping the TV channels and then said "Hey that's front 242 on TV". Yay!!!

Public TV is a very good outlet to watch if you want to see something different that's not the generic mush you normally see on regular TV.

Kudos to Front 242, for making themselves available to alternate underground media sources..

If you are interested in the video interview, it is available online by clicking here. Or if you are a resident of Queens, or Manhattan let me know, and I can re-run the Front 242 interview for all to see.

Front 242 Interview with Jean Luc Demeyer, Patrick Codenys and Ms Divine
Front 242 having some laughs on Ms. Divine's Tee Hee Heure

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