Thursday, February 22, 2007

Anastasia Evolves

"I am Reptile, Hear Me Spit!"

Anastasia Evolves – I am Reptile, Hear Me Spit

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Dear Diary,
Something very sinister has happened to me, I cannot be certain as to how long this has been going on. But let me start from the beginning.
It all began when I was taking a stroll on a very cold windy afternoon. I began to feel a strange sensation in my feet. I was having difficulty walking but wasn’t sure why. I brushed the matter off for I was in no mood to dwell on such a pesky discomfort.

As I walked by a group of humans, I noticed that they all stared at me. Not in a friendly manner like how neighbors who borrow cups of sugar from each other would. But these penetrating gazes were different so I stopped and looked back at them. Oh dear diary, I don’t know how to describe what I saw but it was highly unpleasant. These humans had shock and disgust written on their faces. Could it be that it was me who they were disgusted at?

The leader of this gang of humans screamed –

“Get Get out, get out you freak!”

The other humans started to applaud. They felt happy that their leader had spoken. I on the other hand was rather surprised. How did they know that I was not one of them?

I possessed all the features that a normal human would. But yet they were able to sniff me out just as easily as I knew that they were not one of my kind!

As the applause grew louder, my feet started to hurt oh so badly and I tripped. The leader of the gang was now very excited and exclaimed gleefully –

“The Freak has tripped”

I looked down at my feet only to be twice as shocked as I was before. Oh dear diary, I do not know how to tell you this. But I no longer had regular toes attached to my feet. Instead I had green scaly claw-like toes. It was these new green scaly toes that were giving me so much difficulty in walking in an upright position.

This gang of humans noticed all of this. However their faces displayed a series of expressions of which I found to be rather peculiar. The expressions were as follows:
Shock – anger – fright – anger – hatred – fright – shock

Despite the fact they obviously outnumbered me, these humans were afraid of me! I realized it was my unconventionality that frightened them; my dare to go against their routine shocked them, and my defiance against their society that angered them.

After all, how did I manage to live in this human society for so long without ever succumbing to them? But alas they were very aware of my existence. They knew it was important to put an end to me for my existence was a threat to them.

As they surrounded me, I began to feel sharp pains in my back that brought me crashing to the floor.
The leader of the gang happily exclaimed –

“ The Freak has fallen!”

As I lay on the floor, I realized that I was no longer human. I had mutated into a strange reptile-like creature. I was quite shocked by the transformation. I knew I was different but never realized that the difference would start to show physically. It was not very obvious that I was not one of them. Whatever creature it is that I mutated into, is in fact the next form of higher life.
And the only way that I can preserve myself is to get rid of these humans that want to make me extinct.

The leader of the gang rushed forward to stomp me with his heavy boots.

Getting rid of a creature that humans cannot understand seems to be somewhat of normality in this society.

I started to scream but no words came out. Instead a blue venom-like liquid shot from my mouth and landed on the leader who fell immediately to the floor lifeless.
Hahahhahaha… This mutation that I am undergoing obviously has some fantastic benefits.

Using my new mutation, I sent shots of blue venom to the remaining humans who came tumbling to their feet. As I stared at the lifeless humans my body changed back into a human shape and I was once again able to walk properly. I had the uncanny ability to switch back and forth.

I shall continue my existence in this human society. Though I do hope that I will be able to pass on this new mutation.
After all in order for individuals to be accepted, society must evolve.


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