Friday, November 09, 2012

Rockaways and Long Island still no POWER weeks after Sandy!

It’s been over a week since the Super Storm Sandy came and left. Parts of Long Island and the Rockaway Peninsula are without electricity.  There are down wires all over the Rockaways. Not a single LIPA truck in sight! Many of the buildings and houses were not affected by the water, so why can't LIPA restore power? The sub-stations in Far Rockaway for instance are located away from the sea on higher level ground!!

There are many volunteers going in trying to help by handing out water bottles and a couple of cans. Hey!!! What people need is HEAT and most importantly SAFETY (There are bands of people roaming the areas to LOOT. No POWER = MORE LOOTING = MORE CRIME
 Everyone including volunteers can help by putting more pressure on LIPA to fix the bloody power!

LIPA has done NOTHING so far. Except to turn away qualified electricians who have flown in from other states to help. WHY? Because they are not part of the UNION.
Mass inefficiency once again prevails and lets not forget that there was a time when UNIONS were controlled by the mafia.

Now all must stay in darkness, freeze and be subject to looting all consequences of having no electricity!!

SHAME ON YOU NYC and LIPA. Corrupted Bastards!

“Electric-Utility workers from a power company in western Georgia said they were not permitted to help restore power to the people of New York because they refused to join the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). Similar complaints come from crews from Florida and Alabama

On Thursday evening WAFF-TV in Huntsville, Al reported that the devastated costal town of Seaside Heights, NJ turned away a crew from Decatur Utilities in Decatur, AL, saying they couldn't do any work there because they're not union employees.

A utility worker who wants to remain anonymous said, "as it turns out there was a 300 page contract that the union controlling the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) wanted everyone to sign first. We don't have time for that. We've got guys ready to go. You need lawyers for this."

Jersey Central Power & Light spokesman Ron Morano told Cablevision's News 12 today that his company has accepted help from all crews. "We have not turned away any help," he said. "Absolutely not."