Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pet Food Recall

Yet again there is another Pet food recall and many pets are dying after consuming commercial pet food which happened to be contaminated by poisoned ingredients from melamine (a chemical used in fertilizers) and rat poisons. Items which accidently entered the pet food process. Please click here to read more information about this PET FOOD RECALL on my Feline Beauty page.

Feeding your animal companion a fresh food diet is the most healthiest way to go as the Pet Food Industry is a greedy industrial giant that couldn't care less about the welfare of your pets as they are too busy trying to maximize their profits.

To read more about a holistic approach to animal care, please visit my site Feline Beauty.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Anastasia Seeks Solitude

Anastasia Seeks Solitude - Dark Film

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"Oh My Ear - Diary Entry"

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Dear Diary,
I had the most unusual experience and now that I am in good spirits, I can tell you everything that happened. I normally put in 12 hours of sleep everyday. However on the 6th hour of my slumber, I awoke to a severe throbbing pain deep inside my ear. Pain is something that I Anastasia, am used to.

After living many years in the cold hearted land of Siberia, pain means nothing to me!! It is just a mere passing nuisance. But this pain in my ear was most unusual. It has been going on for too long as you can see…… I have been missing valuable hours of my beauty sleep.

Unlike other humans who enjoy having their problems fester, I Anastasia have been trying to find the root of my problems. Once I find what causes the pain, then I can easily come up with a solution to eliminate it.

I began to suspect that an insect might be living in my ear. The throbbing pain was accentuated by a painful pricking. I equated this to a parasite with sharp claws. This parasite was happily running and jumping and gleefully biting my ear whenever it felt like it. How dare this pest invade my ear?

A parasite as ugly as that obviously did not need 12 hours of beauty sleep! No wonder it insisted on waking me up on the 6th hour of my sleep.

I must find a way to bring death unto this insect, that lives deep inside my ear. I need a sharp weapon of some sort. Hmm… A pointy lead pencil can come in very handy. Not only is it very easy to obtain, but a pointy pencil can do more damage than a sharp knife.

One night while the insect was sleeping, I took this sharp pencil and plunged it into my ear. Hahahhahahaa… I knew I had this parasite cornered as I felt the pencil travel deep inside my ear.

Finally I can be free or a tleast so I thought. After stabbing it multiple times. I pulled the pencil out to look at my victory. Oh darling diary, as I stared at the pencil, I realized that I, Anastasia had made a dreadful mistake! There was blood on the pencil and that blood was my blood. There was no parasite living in my ear!!
This sickening realization made me feel very, very, very low…

Now my ear was in twice as worse shape as before and I still was unable to figure out the problem. But I Anastasia was not going to get beat.
Unlike most humans who enjoy swimming in the pus of their self-inflicted wounds, I Anastasia was going to find a solution to this problem.
Again my ear started to throb. This time I started to hear noises like human voices. I was too distracted by the pain that this noise caused, that I never realized that the noise was actually human voices coming from outside.
The humans that passed by my window were always engaged in some sort of meaningless conversation. Oh what an ugly noise it is that these humans make? Why were they given the gift of speech?

Now the solution to my problem became quite clear, what I needed so desperately was solitude. Mmm…. The luxury of solitude… What a great privilege to have.
In order to seek this wonderful comfort of solitude, I must stop the human noise.
A loaded shotgun can get rid of these humans. But I don’t think I have enough bullets for there are too many humans. And of course bullets can be very expensive.

Aaah! The solution was even more simple than I had thought. All I needed were 2 soft balls of cotton to be placed in my ears. And this is exactly what I did.
The majority of noise disappeared. Everything, except for the postman who knocks on my door to deliver mail. But that problem was also solved. I left a note for him. It read “Anastasia no longer lives here”. Since then, I have never heard the knock of the postman again.

Oh dear diary, I cannot describe to you how happy I feel. This gift of solitude is so quiet, so peaceful and so warm. It’s the most beautiful and glorious thing one can have. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.


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